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French Language Tutoring - Online

Welcome et Bienvenue !


Hello and welcome !  I'm Chris, native speaker of English and French and qualified languages teacher. 

I specialize in online teaching, worldwide. The magic of computers does indeed allow us to take lessons from all parts of the world, from the comfort of our own home! 

Whatever your age, whatever your level, we establish together an approach for your learning that suits your preference.

I'm always happy to answer your every question. 

Enjoy your visit !

Online Lessons:


Based in the Midlands and Available Worldwide!

Learning online is no different from a traditional classroom, except that we speak through the cameras on our computers.  Quite often we find ourselves in different countries and speak as if we were in the same room.

To take part you don't need  particular  IT skills, you just need Skype to be able to speak with me.  

We then set up an appointment and start learning! 

I have taught hundreds of online lessons so far and this method is the by far the most efficient I have used.

My Teaching


I teach all levels of English and French. 

After we have established your level, I suggest an approach that takes into account several factors such as your availability, learning preferences, needs and goals.  Learning a language may be a hobby for some and a professional necessity for others.  There is  thus no "one size fits all." 

As a backup for my teaching I use a Moodle website on which I have the grammar and exercises well prepared. I use Moodle as a means for homework also. This way the student may reflect on the language between sessions and come prepared to the next one.

My way of teaching is informaI. I enjoy my daily appointments with my students and come with a smile, ready for a laugh as well. 

Be sure to the read the FAQ section for more information about the lessons!