Are you interested in co-branding? So are we!

At OuiCommuniSKATE, we pride ourselves in being idea-driven. We’re always on the lookout for new creative concepts that will benefit education and the teaching of English.

Perhaps you run an afterschool program, organize a skate camp, a music festival,  a youth outreach program? Maybe you run General Motors and think your staff would do well to step on a board? Whatever it is, we’d love to talk.

As well as our online teaching of English, we have expertise in the wider fields of Linguistics and Literature. The acquisition of new skills and knowledge is at the core of our interest.

We provide consultancy in teaching, proofreading services,  translating and interpreting (French/English at native level).

Other active fields of interest include video editing, film photography, creative writing, visual arts, music creation, and fitness.