Is this a good deal?

Let's talk about it!

This website proposes to teach you French in exchange for a membership or classes. But how good is this deal exactly?
What makes us so different?

Do we have a feature that distinguishes us in any way?

Are you guaranteed to meet your goals by using our services?

Let’s address these questions !


Volume VS Quality

There are many ways to learn online these days and many popular platforms. Upon scrutiny, you will see that they ALL have something in common: volume. They boast the most tutors
and the most languages.

This approach poses the problem of quality control, of product development and just general caring about the company. Would Louis Vuitton still be Vuitton if any Tom, Dick or Harry were able to open a franchise at the drop of a hat? We don’t think so either.

Skill VS Function

Many thousands of professionals around the world are French teachers. This is their Function. Some are good at it, some are less. However, the service that we are selling our students
is our skill. Not our function.

The skill we sell you is the rare ability of approaching you as a native speaker of English. We know exactly how you will understand French and what goes on in your mind. This rare skill is taught in no school in the world and was developed by ourselves.

Results VS Leisure

As a tendency, language industry professionals include a big part of leisure in their language teaching. Some even go as far as selling mostly fun and games, with the learning coming in a very distant second place.

Contrary to these, we don’t believe we are in the trade of making anyone’s life “fun”.  What we do believe is that we are in the trade of making your life great by enabling you to pick up an important skill in the form of the French language.

Value for money

We all want value for money, of course we do.
At OuiCommunicate we operate by the principle of giving back much more than what the customer paid for. Not only are we giving thousands back in terms of money, but we are adding even more by simply equipping you with a valuable skill that has worth on your professional resume.


Since we don’t use outside contractors, we are able to maintain full control over the teaching and customer relations. Included in this platform is written support to answer questions that you might have about French. More than just answers, you also get a feeling of belonging. You’re not any customer, you’re our customer which we value.


The source of learning we propose is one that reaches the highest standards, both in hard and soft skills. Your teacher has a Masters in Linguistics and Literature, is a native speaker of French and of English, has full understanding of these 2 cultures, teaches these 2 languages, and completed 6 years of university, as well as the years of field work.

Are you ready to start learning?