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Digital Resources

With tens of hours of video material and hundreds of pages of PDF exercises, it’s safe to say our students have their work cut out for them.


If this were a meal, we’ve done everything but eat the food:

It’s cut up and seasoned, in your plate and waiting.


French is literally at your fingertips. We have summarized everything

in the clearest possible terms. 


All you need to do is stretch out your hand and take it.

 Simply create a user’s account and start learning!

There are no limits to learning French within a year.

Bilingual Classes

To complete the learning resources, our unique bilingual approach to teaching French. It’s slightly different and most probably better.

Whatever your level, either complete beginner or advanced user, young upstart or seasoned veteran, we are sure to provide an enjoyable

learning experience. 


Do you want to know the secret sauce?  We are as much native speakers of French as we are of English. Not only that, but we also teach these 2 languages professionally.

We know where you are coming from and where you need to get.
Good humour and enjoyment at no extra charge.


Online Class Pricing

Hourly rates are dependent on the length of study time with us.

10 hours of French is 250 USD (25$/hour)
20 hours of French is 480 USD (24$/hour)
30 hours of French is 690 USD (23$/hour)
40 hours of French is 880 USD (22$/hour)
60 hours of French is 1200 USD (20$/hour)

If you are sure to want to commit to 60 hours but wish to spread the cost, you can buy packages of 10 lessons at a time:

The first package of 10 costs 270$, then 250$, 230$, 210$, 140$, 100$. 
The total comes to 1200 USD.

All classes include access to the online learning resources. Video + PDF

Our method explained

In a friendly learning environment, we guide you through the French language with a skill-based approach.

The total of French sentences may amount to thousands of combinations but the skills that are needed to build them amount to tens.

We teach you the Few that enable you to access the Plenty.

We teach you the core skills that allow you to become autonomous.