Information about our French classes

Wherever you are on the globe, you can book Chris' expert services to learn French in an online class.

Our students are achievers who understand the importance of a Decision to get them to where they want to be.

If you are looking for a professional who will fast-track and structure your learning, this is it.

No talent for languages is required. Only a frame of mind and and a commitment. French will soon be another tool in your set of skills.

Who are we?

There are French classes...and then there are French classes. Each school or teacher specializes in a different purpose.

At OuiCommunicate, we exist to serve the student who sees themselves "post-learning" or "having learned" French.

All it takes from yourself is a frame of mind and the will to be coachable. We don't just give you French classes, we bring you a life skill. We bring you the future ability to know French.

Just make the Decision and we will do the rest.

We have the online resources...

A high-level service such as the one OuiCommunicate envisions requires the learning resources to go with it. The pro-active students we teach can’t afford to wait for the next class to start. They understand the need to stay busy and accessing learning resources at any time. For this reason, we have condensed all the resources you will need on our platform.

...and we have the bilingual know-how!

OuiCommunicate teaches native speakers of English and with good reason. There is a way a speaker of English will approach French. It is influenced by language but also by culture. We know exactly where you come from and where you need to get to. The advantage for you is to work with a teacher who makes your learning that more effective. 

Online Class Pricing

We recommend approaching French with the understanding that it is a commitment that will be spread over several months.
Our online classes are minimum twice a week, ideally three. All classes are 60 minutes long for reasons of effectiveness.

60 hours of French at 1920$ (32$/hour)

Duration of study: 7 months twice weekly / 5 months 3 times weekly

Access to our learning resources is included in all bookings and remain valid after your study time with us.

We gladly accommodate students who wish to pay in installments of 6 x 10 classes.