French classes for seniors

Senior citizens often feel they are being left out of the world because of modern technologies.

There is a perception that everything is going too quickly and that we can never catch up with the “next new thing”. Cloud storage? Wifi? How about flying cars?

As teachers at OuiCommunicate, we are of the belief that the practices that worked yesterday
still work today. A few bright buttons and smartphones won’t change the core principles.

Greek philosophy, the wonders of the Middle Ages architecture, the understanding of geometry,
the great works of poetry, and quite simply rational  human thinking were achieved well before the Digital Era.

The act of “getting down to it” and repeating it as many time as it takes for it to stick
is still the method that works best. Until we find a way to swallow a “knowledge pill”
while we fly around in a flying saucer !

The age-old principle “Repetition is the Mother of All Learning.” is still reigns unchallenged. This is precisely why our teaching will work with senior citizens.

Our teaching resonates with seniors


In terms of the generation gap, seniors will not have a “culture shock” when they learn with our videos and exercises. Our teaching program remains traditional and relatable to all.

Ease of use

Practically, the “technological skills” that are needed are the ability to open a website, click “login” and click on the video and PDF of your choosing. Our learning material is on one single page with no hidden menus or maze-like structure.


Every single of our lessons follows the same logic: the PDF sheet starts with easy explanations and ends with exercises. It is a recurring logic that is easy to get used to. The information is in the place you expect it to be in.

Discover a typical French exercise

Page 1

Page 1 introduces the topic and provides clear explanations in English.

Page 2

Page 2 illustrates the notions by means of a picture.

Page 3

Pages 3 and 4 contain the written exercises.

Page 4

Pages 3 and 4 contain the written exercises.

Page 5

The last page contains all the answers.

We follow a "pen and paper" method no different from any crossword!