English classes for international pro skaters

With an involvement in skateboarding that spans almost 3 decades, we offer an easy contact with skaters through a deep knowledge of their culture.

We organize online classes for professionals of the industry with the purpose of improving the spoken side of their profession.

How can this be useful to your business? Simply because the old adage “People buy People” still stands. And with the right abilities to get their full personalty accross to the kids, international skaters stand a better chance of getting noticed. Better communication equals a stronger following equals better sales.

We have all seen a radical change in the skateboard industry over the past 20 years and with it the media. “Who are you and What are you saying?” is the question of our times.

Online English classes are no different from “traditional” classes. We set up an appointment on Skype or Zoom and we spend an hour together improving your knowledge of English. A minimum of 2 hours weekly is recommended for best results.

Depending on your current level, we will work on your fluidity, pronunciation, revise the rules of grammar or the tenses. We are happy to accommodate short-term missions such as preparations for interviews.

Our classes will provide you with the ability to function in English with confidence during and after your time as a professional.

Our English classes provide international skaters with many skills which a “real life experience” does not. Contrary to widespread belief, a language doesn’t rub off on a learner through regular contacts with native speakers.

This type of learning takes years to show results and is still liable to leave meaningful gaps in the knowledge such as bad pronunciation or grammar.

Native speakers are forgiving of errors and will accept it as a “foreigner’s way of speaking”. The foreigner might believe they are imitating native speakers convincingly and go on repeating errors for years.