3. Classic French Course + 50 X 20 Min Meetups



This online French course contains exercises that are divided into 4 main topics: Conjugation / Grammar / Vocabulary / Pronunciation.
The course was developed over a period of 4 years and tested on students in a real class setting.

It is backed up by a university Masters degree in Linguistics, native knowledge of French and of English, and over 40 years living in French-speaking Europe.

From the most basic to the most advanced notions, this course will cover all the French a learner will need.

Within each of the 4 sections of the course, you will find videos in clear English that take you through French in the most gradual way.

The unique quality of this course is that each of these lessons aim to make French accessible to those who have English as a first language. We take into account the way a speaker of English instinctively approaches French. We are able to do so from being native speakers of both English and of French ourselves.

As an optional purchase, the student may choose to buy the full PDF learning material, complete with exercises and answers.


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