K12 French tutoring

A word about us - Mission Statement

In the field of French teaching, there doesn’t seem to be a school or institution where an English-speaking learner can go to learn with intent.

Each of the schools start students off, but few ever guarantee the destination.

The times they do, it comes in the form of a certificate to prove the achievement of a level and which finds few applications outside of that class.

It almost seems like the class is meant to be sustained, with the only variable being whether the class was “fun” or the teacher “nice”.

Why is there not a place of which a student can proudly say: “Yes, I successfully studied French there!’ Been there, done that.

Names of French schools and tutors are exchanged with the same excitement as a car wash service.

Perhaps because the students get little more than a “taste” of the language?

Rare are the schools that go beyond the roles of entertainers and that are properly equipped to make the learning happen with definite purpose.

Overall, the landscape is predictable and slightly disappointing. Their start is much better than their finish.


At OuiCommunicate, we have changed all of this.

We want to be the French school that makes you proud and that delivers the goods.

We want to be synonymous with quality learning, creative solutions and results. The only “volume” we want to be known for is not the amount of tutors or languages on the menu, but how much and how well a student learns.

To make this possible, we propose our unique brand of bilingual classes to help speakers of English learn French effectively.

We start from the end goal of “knowing French” and move backwards. The French that our students need to know is conveniently laid out on our website.

Next, we have done away with the traditional 60-minute class in favour of dynamic 20-min meetups.

Third, our approach to French is designed knowing how a speaker of English will process French. As goes the saying, it takes one to know one. As a native and as a teacher.

OuiCommunicate is where the speaker of English comes to know French. Not just to study French. To know French.

We hope to welcome you soon in a class.

1. Inside the online course

The course we propose focuses on skills as a priority. Any part of the French language that could be made into an exercise is here.

Either alone or with the guidance of your tutor, you need just finish the program. Once you have done so, you will know French.

In the video player to the right you will learn how to navigate through our exercises.

2. Discover a typical French exercise

Page 1

PDF to learn French

Page 1 introduces the topic and provides clear explanations in English.

Page 2

Learn French PDF 8

Page 2 further elaborates on the notions by means of a picture.

Page 3

learn french language PDF

Pages 3 and 4 contain the written exercises

Page 4

learn French language PDF

Pages 3 and 4 contain the written exercises

Page 5

PDF learn French

The last page contains all the answers.

3. Ask questions, become an active member !

Your student Dashboard

Once you have signed up, your Student Dashboard will keep track of your progression. 

You also have the possibility of asking questions to your tutor if any of the topics aren’t sufficiently clear.

Students are strongly encouraged to suggest any exercise they feel is missing in our list of topics !

4. Why is our French tutoring effective?

1. The plan is simple

There is a starting point and an end point.

French is a skill we want to pass on.

We won't maintain you in an endless state of learning

2. Classes are designed for Effectiveness

Strategic 20-minute sessions for a dynamic learning experience.

Simply learn a topic with PDF and video

and meet your tutor when you feel ready.

3. We are true French/English bilinguals

Our entire program is built knowing how YOU will approach French

We know exactly how you process language.

and how we can make YOUR learning EASIER.

Because we're one of you.

Q: What if my first language isn't English?

Q: Is it similar to school classes?

Q: Can I really learn the whole French language?

A: You would still be able to use our online learning material but our classes would not be as effective. A mother tongue is like a processing unit: it tells us subconsciously what is "logical' or not and guides us through split-second language decisions. Because we are also native speakers of English as well as being professional teachers of English, we are able to explain French in a very specific way that caters to those learners. We cannot guarantee the same for speakers of languages that we ourselves do not master.

A: No, it is rather different. For all the undeniable good it does, State-organized learning has long proven to place a learner in a reactive position. OuiCommunicate is better suited for the proactive learner who has made the conscious decision to know French. We unashamedly want to break the myth following which a teacher 'places the knowledge' in the brain of the student. It does not work for the simple reason that only the learner can decide to learn something. We can guide you, we can organize the learning but we will never pretend to place French in your mind.

A: When you have been teaching French for as long as we have, you start to see levels of depth. You recognize the parts that hold the language together. If this was PC programming, there would be front end and back end. We will never teach you 'all the words' of the French language. But we will teach you the strategic parts that will enable you to walk alone and become an independent user. Based on experience and years spent reflecting on the best tools to give our learners, we will deliver to you the parts of French that make the language hold together.