Add French to your homeschooling curriculum

Parents who homeschool have their work cut out for them.

In their daily duties as teachers, homeschooling parents will need to wear many hats: geographer, scientist, mathematician…It takes a lot of organizing and a lot of self-learning too!

When it comes to foreign languages, there are aspects that require that extra assistance from a reliable source. After all, languages were not built logically and more often than not, the answer isn’t found in books or even the internet.

OuiCommunicate’s website can do many things for parents who wish to include French in their teaching while still keeping the flexibility to design their own curriculum. We’ve thought of 3 main reasons to choose us:

We offer Reliability

The creator of this website is a native speaker of French with a passion for teaching.
With OuiCommunicate you have the assurance of using exercises that were built with academic rigour backed up by real life experience and postgraduate college certifications.  Your children will be learning from the highest level

We offer Flexibility

Our website is a bit like a modern-day encyclopedia divided into 4 sections: tenses, grammar, pronunciation and vocab.

Within each of these, you will find the lessons. Simply press play on the video of your choosing and download the worksheet. You can also use our worksheets to make your own teaching material.

We offer Independence

With OuiCommunicate, you are not stuck in a program. You have full independence to pick and choose among all our topics and adapt them to your own priorities.

Your children can also enjoy independence as learners by logging in and learning any topic of their choice.

Keep in touch, ask us questions

After purchase, we stay in touch with you and make ourselves available for questions.
You can leave a comment in one of the exercises or write to us directly.
It  is always a pleasure to assist you!