Welcome to OuiCommunicate

OuiCommunicate is a virtual (online) school that teaches French to speakers of English.

Students of all ages can learn independently by signing up for  a yearly membership and use
our website as a learning platform. Inside the website, they will find a video for each topic and a matching PDF.

Our school also organizes one-on-one French classes which you can book here.

1. Inside the course

The screenshot to the right shows what you will see once you are inside the course. The main screen is your video player and the column to the left contains all the topics. Click on “Exercise Files” below the video player to download the PDF. It’s that simple!

2. Discover a typical French exercise

Page 1

Page 1 introduces the topic and provides clear explanations in English.

Page 2

Page 2 further elaborates on the notions by means of a picture.

Page 3

Pages 3 and 4 contain the written exercises

Page 4

Pages 3 and 4 contain the written exercises

Page 5

The last page contains all the answers.

3. Ask questions, become an active member !

Your student Dashboard

Once you have signed up, your Student Dashboard will keep track of your progression. 

You also have the possibility of asking questions to your teacher if any of the topics aren’t sufficiently clear. Students are strongly encouraged to suggest any exercise they feel is missing in our list of topics !

4. Why is our teaching effective?

There are many online platforms available these days, each claiming their own
special approach to languages. 

The first thing we do differently is that we don’t “maintain” our students in an ongoing state
of learning French. The purpose is to know French.

There is a starting point and an end point.

At OuiCommunicate we propose a teaching system that is condensed and in which failure is impossible.
You either know it or you don’t. 

 You discover a new topic, read the PDF and do the exercises.

You can check your answers in the video and in the PDF. 

The result is that for each PDF you learn a new skill. 

5. What is the Dead Poets Law?

The Dead Poets Law is a semi-humourous principle taken from the film of the same name.
It was handed down to me at university during my teacher training.

It roughly states that the interest of a student will grow in proportion to the ineffectiveness of the teaching.

  Robbin Williams’ enthusiasm led the young boys who marched forward
in unison to…where exactly? We’re not sure. But boy, were they enthusiastic !

 Don’t be a Dead Poet. Don’t let this happen to you!

Meet your teacher

Hi ! My name is Chris and I’m the proud founder of this French language platform whose purpose is to be an “all included” source for learning French.

I am originally from Europe (Belgium/UK) where I grew up speaking French and English as a native. I learned Dutch from ages 7-18 and German years later at age 34 !

I hold a Master’s degree in Linguistics and a Post Graduate Degree in teaching from the University of Brussels. I am also a qualified TESOL teacher. 

I founded OuiCommunicate as a means to express my desire to offer the highest standard in language learning through top learning resources and through my natural ability as a bilingual.

I hope to meet you soon!