4. Premium Membership – Concierge




The OuiCommunicate Premium Course was inspired by my years working in a 5-star hotel.

In stark contrast to the ‘DIY/self-service trend’ that recently took over the hospitality business, there subsided a type of customer who understood, valued and expected personalized service. They were the customers who wished for more than just a hotel room.

These customers were personally known to the concierge who could organize deliveries from a florist, luxury gifts, limo services, all the way up to finding specific cufflinks on a Sunday evening or a barbershop quartet for the next day!

Providing good quality personalized service was a fun experience to those who understood the elegance of it.

2. Description of the Premium Course

The Premium Course is the same as the Classic course in terms of contents and lessons. The difference lies in the extras that you can ask of us.

We provide support for all French-speaking matters, both linguistic or cultural. We will be by your side during your travels and act as your interpreter and advisor.

For example, you might need to communicate a very specific message in French to your doctor.  Send us the exact sentencing in English and we will provide a voice recording in perfect French that you can play back to your doctor.

Maybe you received an official letter in French from the mairie, your children’s school, or the auto inspection service.  We can summarize the key points of the message and send you a text in French that you can use as an answer.

Whatever doubts you have surrounding the French language, local customs, bills, official letters, or culture we will be most happy to assist you.

3. Learning French

The Premium Course has the same contents as the Classic course. All the necessary notions of French, including the 20-minute meetups are included in this course.

We will meet up regularly to assess your progress and guide you towards the most relevant parts of the course.

4. Do you have questions?

Be sure to contact us to discuss your project learning French. Together, we will establish how we can best help you.

You may use the booking form on the Home page of this website or send us an email: ouicommunicate@gmail.com



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