Using OuiCommunicate for the Seal of Biliteracy

The Seal of Biliteracy acknowledges the efforts of US students who have accomplished a high level in a second language.
To achieve this, students need reliable solutions.

 With over 835 pages of PDF, 110 topics covered and 22 hours of essential video courses,
students of French will find a sure way to improve their French to the highest standards.

Either as your main source of learning or a complement to your academic material, $30/year
could make all the difference in your results.

And just so you know, all our learning material has been tested and used in real classes
with students just as yourself.


With OuiCommunicate, you have the assurance of learning from a reliable academic source.
With a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate as well as years of international experience teaching French, our program lies on the strongest
academic foundations.


They say it takes one to know one. In the case of bilingualism, we claim it as our area of expertise. Your OuiCommunicate teacher is a native speaker of French and of English. Our bilingual approach to teaching steps away from a “francocentric” view of French and truly addresses the learning of native speakers of English.


To teach a language, you need your finger on the pulse. At OuiCommunicate, we know French-speaking culture as well as any. 35 years living in Europe has exposed us to the way of life and the evolution of the French language. Our program contains only the notions that are realistically needed in a francophone setting.

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